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One week to go!!!

We will be working hard to move the entire shop over to the new location on the weekend of April 29th and 30th.  We will be open for business on May 1st!  The new address is 80 Baffin Pl, Waterloo N2V 1Z7, very close to where we are now.  Can't wait to see you there.  Thank you all for your continued support these past 18 years!!

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We closed the deal on a new much larger building to move the shop to.  We are very excited to get renovations underway now.  We have the go ahead from the city to install an extra bay door to give us a dedicated bay for precision alignments!

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We are excited to announce the purchase of a building to move our existing service centre to!  The new location is close so don't panic, you won't be travelling any further to come to us.  The move won't be happening for a few months (hopefully by mid March we will be in the new location).  It is big and beautiful with a nice waiting area - I can smell the coffee brewing now!  We will be close to Conestoga Mall, at Davenport and Baffin Pl.  We will keep you posted when the renovations get underway.  Thanks for everyones continued support over the years and we know this move will be great for increasing the level of service our clients deserve. 



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New apprentice

We want to welcome John Grilli to our team.  John is a very friendly and outgoing first year apprentice with a great work ethic.  John joined our team October 17th 2016.

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We now offer seasonal tire storage.  Heated, and fully insured!  All wheels are washed and leak tested, bar code taged with pctures taken and properly stored on racks for $78.95 per season.

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auto repair service

The best solution for selecting a repair service provider for your car is by following certain points. Today in this article let us have a look at all those points.


Your car is considered to be one of your valued possessions, without the use of which your everyday life can become very tough. Therefore, it is highly essential that you should actually maintain it in fine working order at all instances. Keeping in mind that your vehicle needs regular servicing and occasional repairs, you should always have access to an automotive repair expert whom you can count upon in order to handle your car in an effective and safe manner.

It is always essential to select such an experienced auto repair service that is capable of providing you with authentic services. If you start looking for such providers after your car has found out several kinds of problems then you will actually make a rushed decision, which might not be the right one.
Since it is evitable and you will be requiring the authentic services of an auto mechanic, then why not get prepared with a good one from now?

There are many things that can be done at this juncture in order to select the best service provider; one such is that, you can simply start the search by asking friends and colleagues, for recommendations. However this is not the only search for your requirement, you can as well look over the internet for the same purpose. You can always search for the local business directories for the same purpose, if you want to find something within the locality of your area.

However if your search is about seeking the finest service, then it is always suggested that never make location one of the biggest reason for your search. Always gather more information, about the facilities that you will find worth considering. Always research online for customers and also about the reputation of the company along with some of its compliant history.

It is suggested that you should search for such an organization that has highly skilled technicians and as well some the usage of some equipment and technology for the same. You should also observe that there is efficiency present within their system, which enables for proper repair of your car. Hence when you are sitting down to select the best auto repair service, it is better that you should make your accordingly with the above mentioned points. 

Hence do not hesitate, to ask questions when it comes to the selection process, since the more amount of question you will ask there will always be an increase in getting hold of the perfect service. Hence make your move today and get hold of the best technique in this genre. If you are thinking about following the above mentioned points, then it is definitely a choice that will enable you to have the finest technique and hire the best in this genre.

Your car is definitely a possession that is valued by you to the ultimate, hence at such juncture, it is always suggested to hire the best among all and make the most of repair technology available in the market.

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Back to work

Okay trying to be a good Dad by taking my daughter skiing I broke my leg in 4 places!  After surgery and almost a month off work I'm back to work and ready to hear all your jokes. :)

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No snow day for Essential

Schools may be closed but we are open, plowed out and ready for service!

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Go to The Best Brakes Repair Shop for Effective Solution to Your Car’s Brake Issues

If your vehicle’s brakes are not in a very good condition, you should immediately go to a shop dedicated to brakes repair in Waterloo. Driving this vehicle, without getting the problem solved does not make sense as that is an affair of a huge risk.

Brakes make a very important part of a vehicle. The operation of the vehicle and its efficiency depends largely on the functionality of the brakes. If your car is in more or less a good shape, then all you should be bothered about is the engine and its operation that ensure a smooth ride and good fuel efficiency. If there is even a tiniest possibility of the vehicle’s brake to have certain problems that are undoubtedly quite difficult to cope with, it becomes quite important to make arrangements for a fast and effective solution for it that all the riders remain safe while the car is on road.

There can be severe problem in driving the vehicle if your brakes are not actually in good condition. You can use the vehicle with a faulty brake system. However, that process can never assure you of a safe journey in any possible point of time. Even if you buy a used vehicle to curtail your budget for purchasing the vehicle, it is an absolute necessity to check fuel efficiency and condition of the brake. If any little issue occurs in the engine, fuel tank or brake of the car, the best decision is to get them repaired before hitting the roads once again with the vehicle. You must do thorough research for getting the service for brakes repair in Waterloo. Once the vehicle is in perfect condition, it is absolutely risk-free to use the vehicle for regular going out for work and other purposes.

In order to get the best solution of any problem, you are supposed to find out the best car repair shop that deals with all the issues in the car with ultimate level of sensitive care. If the brake of a vehicle is not in good condition, driving it indeed is a very risky affair. In order to get rid of the problem immediately, people should focus on every individual issue of the vehicle that might create a jinx in the way of making it move smoothly on the road. Brake is one device of the vehicle that has little influence in the operation of the car and it helps in stopping it. If an out of order brake is creating even the least possible problem in the vehicle’s operation, you should go immediately to the best solution providers for brakes repair in Waterloo.

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Computer Diagnostics is A Very Useful Process for Diagnosing Car Problems

If you want your vehicle to perform well and make the most of the money spent on the operational process of the vehicle, you must install the system for proper computer diagnostics in Waterloo.

These days, computers are virtually on all sides, at homes, in offices, in different kinds of industries, and in certain products too. It is almost the need of the day. Present day automobile industry gets immensely benefitted by the use of computer too. There are numerous computer applications starting from the time it is on the page, in the form of a drawing till the point when the finished product is ready for driving.

Computers are used pretty often, not only to manufacture vehicles, but to diagnose problems in them too. All vehicles these days have a large number of built-in computers for the execution of certain functions in them. MIL is Malfunctioning Indicator Light which is an important function often used for indicating the actual condition of the vehicle. Even if the engine of the vehicle is in bad condition that can be detected through the work process of built-in computers. The very concept of computer diagnostics in Waterloo is depended on for clear detection of the problem in the vehicle.

It is almost a couple of decades back that such built-in computers got introduced in vehicles. There is no doubt about the fact that these computers have taken over a large part of the tasks which previously used to be done by human. In most cases, the most critical of the functions that are performed by computers were previously performed manually. It is not at all wrong to say that they have nothing but a very central role these days. Such automobile computers are quite important these days. In case the computer is not exactly in the correct order, the car cannot pass an emission test. Computers control the car’s functioning and the movement of the engine. Any problem occurring in the computer denotes a problem with the car too.

Have a look at exactly what a car computer does to diagnose the problems occurring in the engine of a vehicle. The computers kept inside the vehicles do several tasks including detecting and disclosing issues in the operational process of it and its direct impact on the usability of the vehicle. Troubles of the car, associated with the RPM levels of the engine, malfunctioning indicator light, problem in the fuel injector, transmission, ignition timing problems, oil tank functioning, issues in the gas tank, problem of the exhaust system are all detected by a computerized system. The process of computer diagnostics in Waterloo is quite new, but it has its own set of benefits.

The latest technology of the automobile computers is quite advanced with artificial intelligence that modern cars are now even more artificially intelligent. All the new computers are specifically designed with microchips, computer processors, and sensors. The very basic idea for having all such things is just to enhance the ability of the computer to diagnose the problem of the vehicle properly.

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April 20, 2017
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